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radio_relay_net's Journal

Amateur Radio (FUN &) Disaster Services
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Ham Radio, DXer, and Public Emergency Networking
This is a new community for radio heads - networking for fun, and during public emergencies.

The general public is urged to watch (or join) this community!


CASUAL BANTER (about ANYTHING ham, DX, radio, intenet, tech, broadcasting, general blather): MAKE POSTS "MEMBERS ONLY".

EMERGENCY MODE (networking to communicate and coordinate during large or small public crises): MAKE POSTS PUBLIC!

This community is crossroads for ARES, ARRL, IRESC, other radio groups, as well disaster-relief services & the GENERAL PUBLIC.

When a disaster occurs, come here to help track it!

Otherwise, chat about the radio life!

Chronic emergencies...


People in need, or...

Survivalism is another hot topic!

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And, if you feel you are a little strange, you might want to join i_am_off_kilter



IRESC, (International Radio Emergency Support Coalition) - http://www.iresc.net & http://www.iresc.com

IRESC - Echolink *IRESC* Node 278173

ARES, (Amateur Radio Disaster Services) - http://www.ares.org

Emergency Communications - http://www.emergency-communications.org

WRRL, (World Radio Relay League) - http://www.wrrl.org

ARRL, (American Radio Relay League) - http://www.arrl.org

ECHOLINK - http://www.echolink.com

NOAA - http://www.noaa.org

DSTAR - http://www.dstarusers.org

DSTAR Australia - http://www.dstar.org.au

WRTH, (World Radio & TV Handbook) - http://www.wrth.com

Repeaters - http://www.artscipub.com/repeaters/ & http://www.usrepeaters.com

INTERCON - http://www.interconnet.org/new_intercon/ & http://www.qsl.net/kc2lks/ir.htm

SATERN NET, (Salvation Army) - http://www.satern.org/net.html & http://www.qso.com/satern91710/

See YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqaKzIkyBug

WBCQ, ("THE PLANET") - http://www.wbcq.com

A note to the public: There are 5 great reasons to join or watch this community:

1 - You can use it to get the word out, to ham radio operators, about any urgent crisis which you see arise.

2 - You can monitor crises in other countries or regions.

3 - You can help coordinate information within the community.

4 - You can learn more about becoming an amateur radio operator yourself.

5 - You can help link the INTERNET to AMATEUR RADIO.

The last point is very important to all: This is the community which links INTERNET USERS to HAM BROADCASTING. This is an amazing, fast growing field or hobby which can help overcome all barriers, boundaries, oceans and incomes. If you have internet access, you can broadcast via ham. If you have a ham, you can post to, or chat on, the internet. Even if there is a crisis, you can still go online with a dial-up modem, and have access to a vast network, and to people who are prepared - and trained - to respond!

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